Young Doe Angora Goats for SALE this
 FALL 2016 
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All our American Fuzzy Lop Bunny are Presold & spoken for, for Christmas already! -
Please contact us at least 4 weeks before EASTER too Reserve your sweet, gentle Bunny.
The Perfect Snuggly Holiday Gift!  
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Welcome to SWEET DREAM  FARM - A Family Owned & Operated Commercial Farm producing and Selling: A diversity of  Organic animal fibers for: Artists, ALPACA Felt Sheets, organic RARE specialty yarns made from the SOFTEST, HIGHEST QUALITY Alpaca, Mohair & angora Rabbits fleece: Adorable American Fuzzy Lop Bunnies; Angora Goats, other animals for Sale, & delicious Free Range Rainbow Eggs.  We are located in Jackson, New Jersey. 

 **** Visits by appt. only.****

To Purchase our Yarns, Fleeces & Felts through PayPal:

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for a more detailed description of our beautiful products, how to Purchase them, Pricing, & availability.  

Custom yarns & felts can be made for you, minimum order required. 

 Your imagination is the only limit!  Perfect gift for Crafters, Knitters, Crocheters, Spinners, Felters, 3-D Felters, Designer Wear & All Aritists !!!

OUR "SUPER LARGE", One of a Kind, ALPACA FELT SHEETS  & Our Organic, Home Grown 


***  We also sell RAW Angora fleece & Locks (Mohair) & Alpaca Fleece!  We have natural black and white colors.  The fiber is LONG and lustrous!  Perfect for Teachers and school projects, felters and 3-D Felt artists.!!
Want amazing soft Yarn - we sell that too!

*** All our adorable, RARE,  Pedigree American Fuzzy Lop Bunnies are SOLD!

Next breeding for EASTER time 2017 !!  

Place your deposit AT LEAST 4 weeks before EASTER- they go FAST!!!!!


Perfect for 4-H Shows, Birthday Gifts, and Family pets!! 

Please go to our American Fuzzy Lop Page.

We do not breed often, we are NOT a Rabbit Mill! 

So please email us for availability THEN leave your deposit 

on Paypal to reserve a bunny!!

*** Our Rainbow colored Free Range Eggs are amazingly delicious and super fresh!  They are $5 per Dozen.  Pick Up by Appt. only. Starting in the EARLY SPRING ***

We Sell the BEST MANURE In NEW JERSEY!!!  3 TYPES ! (Who Knew!)

Perfect for All Gardeners, Mushroom Growers, Worm Farms...

1. The Farm Mix Horse, Goat, Alpaca, Rabbit and Hen !!  Can't Get any better than that!!!

This has been composting over the winter.  Bring your own 30 gallon garbage can & a shovel !   $40 per 30 gallon can, you do the shoveling - by appt. only.  This is quite rich, so apply sparingly on your plants. Known as Black Gold to plant lovers!!  Bring a few cans!  This has wonderful worms and castings in it!

2. Hot Manure - this is "Fresh Manure" from this Spring and on - Horse and Hen with some straw/hay/shavings mixed in.   Bring your own 30 gallon garbage can & a shovel !   $20 per 30 gallon can, you do the shoveling. (Not composted).  Bring a Few Cans!  This has some worms and castings in it!

3.  Premium Cold Manure - From some of the cutest Animals on the planet - Our Alpacas, American Fuzzy Lop Rabbits and our stunning Angora Goats produce the BEST "BEAN TYPE COLD Manure"

These animals product manure in "Pellet form" that does NOT have to be composted to use in your garden.  Alpaca manure is called Green Beans, Rabbit manure we call Rabbit Raisins and Goat manure we call Raisinettes (Ya gotta have fun with this - it's manure!)  This can be sprinkled on any garden right out of the bag!!!!

This type of Manure is NOT available in Stores!  Check the labels on smaller bags of manure - you might be paying a really high price for smelly chicken feathers and a little manure and more fillers! 

Other vendors sell just ONE type of Bean manure (Rabbit, Goat or Alpaca) - but we have the "PERFECT BLEND" of all THREE Types for you to use in your garden!

Bean Manure does NOT have to be composted, it DOES NOT BURN (kill) your plants, meaning you can apply it directly onto the ground around your trees, vegetables, fruits, flowers, etc.  It Decomposes quickly with water and DOES NOT SMELL like Horse Manure.  It is pretty Odorless, so you and your neighbors won't be bothered by that Awful smell from standard manures when you fertilize your gardens!

For delicate plants and Seedlings - you can make a Manure Tea - not for your guests - but for your plants.  Use 1/4 part manure to 3/4 parts water in a container and let it sit several hours or over night.  Stir and you have an amazing, Inexpensive, NATURAL product to pour on all your plants.  You cannot overdo this, because it is so gentle on the plants!!  

The Nitrogen, Phosphorous & Potassium and various Trace Minerals are released slowly so it doesn't BURN (Kill) your plants.

We are the only farm I know of that sell 3 Pound bags of MIXED ALPACA, RABBIT & GOAT BEANS. You are getting the best of all worlds for a great price. $25 plus free shipping or pick up.

I've seen SINGLE Animal bean manures upwards of $40 for 2 pounds!!   Why not buy ALL of them from a FAMILY OWNED, FREE RANGE small FARM in Jackson, New Jersey for an EXCELLENT price!  

The 3 types of Bean manure blend well together to enhance your garden experience.  BUY the "BENEFITS" from all 3 bean animal species!
This is manure that you can put right on your plants and it won't burn them - the nitrogen is released slowly so it's good for all plants!  Easy to apply, because it's in the natural "pelleted form" right from the animal!  It also does not smell and has a tendency to keep away deer too!!!

This is a Premium mix of our Alpaca, Goat and Rabbit droppings.  We call them Alpaca Beans, Rabbit Raisins and Goat Peas (you have to have a sense of humor if you are selling manure!) 

Great for all gardeners, farms, worm farmers, etc, !!!