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We Sell Adorable, Sweet Natured,

High Quality, Socialize, Netherland Dwarf Bunnies 
at reasonable prices. 

UPDATE - we sell bunnies year round.  Get onto our Reserved Waiting List to insure you get a bunny!!

Due to very high demand, we have an Active Waiting List you can NOW join with a holding deposit, to secure your place in Line, for a future bunny. Details below - please keep scrolling up, this is a Long page.  We are breeding our bunnies now, and if you are on our Reserved waiting list, you will probably get a bunny in 1- 2 months.

Pick-Ups by Appointment Only.
PLUS we 
Sell A COMPLETE Line of Natural, Organic, Yummy Treats & Foods for all small pets. We help you with your order for your sweet bunny!!
NO Drive-Byes.  By Appt. Only
We ship foods not our bunnies

Bunny Pictures from our PAST adorable litters. They come in 37+ colors.

"We are Proud to be an American Netherland Dwarf Ethical Breeder, and are long standing members of the "American Netherland Dwarf Rabbit Club" , the "American Holland Lop Rabbit Club" &
the "American Rabbit Breeders Association" .

Are you looking for something Unusual?, Something SMALL- under 4 pounds full grown?  Something Friendly?  Something so Adorable you can't believe it's Real?  A Healthy, Clean, Soft, Quality Bunny? 
Well - you've come to the right place ! 
Small, gentle, easy to care for, playful, they don't bite or nip, a really great family pet (for working families too).  They are well bred bunnies that are played with several times, Each day, to get used to human touch and companionship.  They live in our home with us.  That makes all the difference in purchasing a great pet - being well socialized from birth !!  They are smart & can be trained too!

Cutie Pie Pictures of Baby Netherland Dwarfs.  
Netherlands Dwarfs can come in 37+ Different Colors !!!
All our Litters have a Beautiful Variety of Colors in them !!! 
Below are babies from PAST litters over the years.

We do not allow Visitors into our home.  We are what is called a "Closed hobby Rabbitry", meaning we practice very strict cleanliness, and germ prevention and bio-security for our bunnies perfect health.  Especially now during COVID.  We are Not a pet shop, but a dedicated, experienced hobby breeder.  We do provide adorable, accurate pictures for you to be able to choose from to get your perfect bunny.



** A Health Education on our Foods by Seasoned Rabbit Breeders.**

As a child and teen, I never dreamed there were foods actually Unhealthy for bunnies - but there are.  As breeders who are passionate about health & proper care, We have Added the "Basic Starter Kit" of Foods with the purchase of your sweet bunny.  This is essential to continue the great nutrition your bunny is receiving now.  bunny's digestive system is the most sensitive part of a bunny and can get stressed easily by a change in environment, housing, people, etc. which can causing diarrhea, panic, etc. which is dangerous to the health of your bunny.  So continuing the foods/hay the bunny is Used to with keep the digestive system calm.  All the products listed are balanced nutrition, safe, and very Soothing, Calming & Gentle on the digestive system, and of course delicious to your pet!  Every item is Dehydrated or Freeze Dried and Shelf Stable in our Resealable, Beautiful zip-closure bags for about 1 year - so there is no waste, spoilage or running out of foods!

These are "Go Bunny Treats & Foods".  Made in Harmony with the Exact Needs a Bunny Needs Nutritionally.  They  are Healthy, Organic Blends  Full of Nutrients, Fiber and Flavor, that enhance the health of your bunny while giving them SAFE food diversity they crave.  Pet stores do sell many unsafe foods, buyer beware.  These ingredients cannot be purchased at your grocery store or pet store.  

All products are SHELF STABLE, Low-Heat Dehydrated or Freeze Dried

SUPER FOODS to lock in freshness & Total nutrition better than fresh foods!

Each product is Sealed in Airtight, Beautiful, Resealable Zip Pouches with a

silica pack in it and then are heat sealed closed. 

The shelf life is over a year, (nothat your bunny will let them last that long!)

There is no waste, No spoilage, and No Running Out of Bunny Foods, no

matter what the weather or what the grocery store is not carrying.  You are

always prepared having the Freshest, Fully Ripened foods in your home, no

matter what is going on in the world. 

We never have any chemicals, preservatives, sugars, oils, flour or junky filler in our foods. Our fruits are Unsulfured. We do NOT use the "green pellet food" in our Cookie Mixes or Any of our other products - (as pet stores foods do), that is a waste of Your money and will simply get your bunny fat and Oversized.  All the ingredients we use are called "Human Grade", that means the Quality is regulated and made for PEOPLE to eat.  We, of course, only choose the Human Grade Fruits, Vegetables, Herbs, Flowers and Plants that are super healthy & that are Safe for BUNNIES to eat.

All our Foods & Treats are formulated to keep your bunny healthy & trim.  Store bought treats have weight gaining fillers, and loads of other unhealthy ingredients & preservatives so they can sit in a warehouse and  stores for Years before you purchase them, and are often made in foreign companies with lower food regulations.  Go Bunny Treat products are made in small batches weekly for ultimate freshness and are of course MADE IN THE USA.  

Some of the Top Notch, State-of-the-Art Companies we work with for our raw ingredients do also process nuts & peanuts.