Sweet Dream Farm Attractions & Tours are Permanently Closed to the Public. 
Netherland Dwarf Bunnies Occassionally,
 by Appointment Only.

Once again we are SOLD OUT of our beautiful bunnies within days!
 People love our High Quality bunnies!! 
We should have another litter born around March 8th.  Please Check back with us! 
I will UPDATE this page when
 they are Born. 
Please, read through our informative website, to be the BEST bunny owner around!!
A Deposit is required to hold a bunny for you.  First come, first served, in choosing a bunny.  We post pictures when they are about 2 weeks old and their eyes are opening.

"We are Proud to be an American Netherland Dwarf Breeders and are long standing members of the
"American Netherland Dwarf Rabbit Club" &
the "American Rabbit Breeders Association" .

Are you looking for something Unusual?, a Bunny that looks like a BABY its ENTIRE LIFE?  Something VERY SMALL?  Something Friendly?  Something so Adorable you can't believe it's Real?  Well - you found it!! 
Netherland Dwarf bunnies !  Their profiles are Perfect - Totally round, their ears small and their eyes will be BIG and round -
the hallmarks of this adorable breed.

Small, gentle, easy to care for & well bred bunnies 
with a soft soothing coat to pet. 

All these cutie pies were sold within 2 days of posting them!!  Pleople LOVE this breed!  And my bunnies sell real fast because they are home raised, handled several times a day, friendly, tiny and healthy!

Welcome to Sweet Dream Farm and "Go Bunny Treats".  This Breeds of Bunny is very popular because of its Tiny size and Looking like a baby bunny forever - but Quality ones are REALLY hard to come by!  You have come to the right place !!

Please read through ALL the pages on this website - each page has loads of great information to make owning a quality bunny easy!

The Netherland Dwarf is THE SMALLEST BREED OF BUNNY Weighing 1 1/2 pounds  to Less than 3 pounds!!  They will look like BABIES their entire life due to their large head and HUGE sweet eyes.  They are active, don't bite, are adorable, loving and sweet.  Our Netherland Dwarfs are not hyper - we play with them daily, so they are used to human touch and companionship.  This makes all the difference in purchasing a great pet!!!  Their potty training is started by us too!!

They are Gentle, Sweet, Non-Nipping, Bunnies with Soft, Amazing, Coats.

AND - Our Go Bunny Treats are the PERFECT HEALTHY addition to your new bunny's diet. Please order all the Organic, Healthy products you want asap,
they are made to order to be extra fresh!  We ship everywhere in the USA.


We want all of our bunnies to go to a FOREVER, safe and loving home so for that reason we reserve the right to refuse a sale.  All Sales are final.  Our bunnies are in good health and we are not responsible for them once they leave our care.  Bunnies can live 9-12 years, so this is a long term love and care commitment.

IN THE EVENT THAT A BUNNY ON RESERVE UNEXPECTANTLY DIES, A REFUND (typically your deposit)  WILL BE ISSUED OR YOU MAY PICK FROM ANOTHER AVAILABLE BUNNY or Litter.   I Would Recommend using that Deposit to get FIRST in line on the NEXT litter of Bunnies.  

DEPOSITS are NOT REFUNDABLE if you change your mind and don't want one of our bunnies.

​​Visits: ​We are a closed hobby rabbitry, we are NOT a pet store, so any visits are made by appointments ONLY.

Please note:  We as the breeder have the FIRST Choice on all litters born, that we'd like to keep to add to our herd.  This typically will include colors that I rarely get.

Allergies are sadly a HUGE reason why people don't purchase rabbits,  I urge you to please get yourself allergy tested for rabbit dander from a Doctor, not by rubbing up against a bunny!  Because if you are allergic to dogs and cats you will more than likely be allergic to rabbits.  Hay allergies can also be masked as a pet allergy. 

Our bunnies follow the Top Breed Standards and are beautiful, and healthy. 

They LOVE human companionship, and are the perfect pet

for working families.  

We have a potty in each cage so the babies can start to use a potty!! 

make sure you purchase one for your home cage!.

These are Popular Breeds - They sell FAST!"

Procedure to get Your Bunny:

FIRST - EMAIL US (sweetdream[email protected]) and we  will tell you :

IF we have bunnies, WHEN we will be having bunnies or WHICH bunnies

 are still available.  

Then, you can RESERVE  the bunny of your choice Immediately 

with a $100 PayPal Holding Deposit! 

First Come - First Serve! 

The Price of our Baby Tiny Dwarf Netherlands at $185 and UP.  Two-tone bunnies are Rare and more expensive.

We make our pricing VERY reasonable so most families can enjoy these terrific breeds!  To RESERVE a bunny please send an $100 deposit using Paypal. &  Please go thru the "FRIENDS AND FAMILY" section when sending the deposit .  If you don't, Paypal charges a small fee, and that amount will be added to the balance due at bunny pick up time.  

Our name to send the $100 holding  deposit on Pay Pal is: [email protected]


When you are sending the deposit, Pay Pal has a section for notes:  Please include your name, address, phone # on your Pay Pal order.

Please email us at [email protected] that you just sent a holding deposit for A bunny.

Since this is done fairly though first come, first served, I will email each person in sequence to show them the colors of the bunnies that are available to them.  They are all stunning!!!    We will email you pictures as they grow.

At bunny pick up time, the balance of the Bunny & the list of all the Go Bunny Treats you email me in advance will be paid in CASH ONLY - Exact Change Please.  You will also be receive 3 pamphlets on bunny care, more literature, A Birth Certificate, & some of our bunny pellets to mix with your brand.



***As a breeder, We STRONGLY recommend purchasing a few additional items to 

make the transition to a new environment easier and to keep your new 

bunny's delicate digestive system working great!  We use these products and 

recommend your purchase them as well.

1.  At least 1-2 BAGS of our 2nd Cut sweet Hay that the Bunnies are used to eating. 

Its Excellent quality & great for their digestion.  Just $10 for a bag full and will last 

about a month.  

2.  We also recommend  you purchase Several types of the "Go Bunny Treats".  They 

are Healthy, Organic Blends that enhance the health of your bunny while giving them 

a fun treat!  You can order them from this site.  We STRONGLY recommend:

1. NU-Start - First Greens  - for ALL NEW or BABY Bunnies (our babies eat this)

2. Total Wellness  

3. One  or Two of our THREE, Healthy fun "Cookie Mixes "- You BAKE for your bunny! 

Super simple - just add water, bake & super fresh healthy TRAINING TREATS !

4. Fruit & Flower Fiesta

5.  Digestive & Wool Block Mix   

6.  Zen Calming Blend - for all New Bunnies

7. Small Pack of Dried Pumpkin to have on hand!

If you are picking up a bunny from us, Please Pre-Order these items by  EMAILING US

your order 2 weeks before pick up.  Then you can pick-up and pay for everything at 

once at Your Bunny Pick Up Time.  Nice and easy!


Each litter has different colors.  They are sweet & friendly and Small!  MALES & FEMALES are EQUALLY Sweet and Gentle.  

Netherland Dwarfs need minimal fur care, use a soft bristle brushing once a week.

*****We are NOT a "Bunny Mill", we do NOT own Dozens or Hundreds of Bunnies, so I NEVER have enough bunnies for the requests I get, so please reserve your bunny ASAP with a Deposit as stated above, so you won't be dissapointed and not get one.*****   

This is a Beloved Hobby of our family we take very seriously and with great  pride and love.  We work with our bunnies in Animal Therapy, that is the main purpose of why we breed, to breed sweet, gentle animals for therapy, and to make great home companions.

Our Bunnies have a potty/litter pan in their cages, so they start Potty Training by us!!    Keep it up by purchasing a potty pan with a WIRE cover like the one listed on the next page.  Be persistent - they will train!

This question often comes up - 

should I get 2 bunnies to keep each other company?, or I have 2 kids, I need 2

bunnies.  Here is my professional  opinion.

1. We ONLY Sell ONE Bunny Per family.  I sell by color, not gender.  Males & females CANNOT be in the same cage - the female will get injured.  2 Males will fight all the time and become territorial.  If you purchase 1 bunny - it will  be happy, calm, friendly and focus on you, your family and BOND with you. 

2. Each rabbit cage or hutch is designed to house just ONE bunny. 

3.  I sell bunnies not based on Gender, but based on what COLOR you want.  I will let you know the gender  of the bunny you chose After 5 weeks of age.   It's near impossible to be accurate before then.

 4.  Bunnies need to hop around OUTSIDE their cage  for exercise Supervised at all times.  Never leave a bunny alone in a room - wires, scooting under furniture , other pets, small unsupervised children can really frighten and hurt your bunny.  

  5.  There are MAJOR problems in getting a male and female bunny - even if you put them in seperate cages.  The female will growl, bite and lung at the male AND AT YOU, because the male  is aggitated and will be trying to mount it and breed with it constantly!!!!  It takes literally a minute for them to breed.  The male will try doing this 24/7 which will exhaust him and can severly hurt a female.   

6. *****If you already own a bunny, get your present bunny Spayed or Neutered BEFORE bringing home a new bunny & keep them in different cages.  Slowly let them bond nose to nose in seperate cages.

 7.  I cannot state this enough.  You DO NOT WANT BABY BUNNIES BORN.  It is a 24/7 job and is NOT at all like taking care of "ONE sweet pet bunny you will buy from us".  Our female rabbits are very docile, but when they are bred, pregnant, and then nursing mothers of their kits (baby bunnies), their hormones and natural protective nature kicks in & they go into "Normal Fierce Protection Mode".   They become super aggressive and can be dangerous to a non professional breeder.  Newborns & the Mom needs a Specialized diet, & very specific human care throughout the day  & and night.   It is a fact of life that not all newborns survive, so this is not for the faint of heart. NO BABIES will survive with an inexperienced breeder, and you will have a lot of heart break on your hands.

8.  You will NOT be able to purchase a male and female bunny from me.  I ONLY SELL MY BUNNIES FOR BELOVED PETS, not as Breeders.  So if you are breeder, please look elsewere.

9. love your new favorite fur ball, give it tons of attention, teach it tricks and enjoy!

 10.  If you so choose, Your Vet can Neuter a male bunny starting at 12 weeks  of age.  A female can be spayed at 4-5 months of age.

Join the American Netherland Dwarf Rabbit Club, or the American Rabbit Breeders Association!