Welcome to Sweet Dream Netherland Dwarf Rabbitry.
We're Excited! we have a NEW Interactive Website starting Mid-MAY 2022 !  Please go to www.GoBunnyTreats.com or
www.SweetdreamBunniesandBeyond.com for Ordering, and all your bunny information.  Thank-you!!

We Sell TINY, Adorable, Sweet Natured,

High Quality, Socialize, Netherland Dwarf Bunnies 
at reasonable prices. 
(We recently moved from Jackson NJ)

UPDATE - we sell bunnies year round.  Get onto our Reserved Waiting List to insure you get a bunny!!

Due to very high demand, we have an Active Waiting List you can NOW join with a holding deposit, to secure your place in Line, for a future bunny. Details below - please keep scrolling up, this is a Long page.  We are breeding our bunnies now, and if you are on our Reserved waiting list, you will probably get a bunny in 1- 2 months.

Pick-Ups by Appointment Only.
PLUS we 
Sell A COMPLETE Line of Natural, Organic, Yummy Treats & Foods for all small pets. We help you with your order for your sweet bunny!!
NO Drive-Byes.  By Appt. Only
We ship foods not our bunnies

Bunny Pictures from our PAST adorable litters. They come in 37+ colors.

"We are Proud to be an American Netherland Dwarf Ethical Breeder, and are long standing members of the "American Netherland Dwarf Rabbit Club" &
the "American Rabbit Breeders Association" .

Please take a few minutes to read ALL the important information below and on ALL our pages, BEFORE leaving a deposit, we feel an Informed future bunny owner is a Happy bunny owner.  That is Very Important to us!  

Are you looking for something Unusual?, a Bunny that looks like a BABY
Something VERY SMALL?  Something Friendly?  Something so Adorable you can't believe it's Real?  A Healthy, Clean, Soft, Quality Bunny? 
Well - you've come to the right place ! 
Netherland Dwarf Bunnies are the Smallest breed bunny ranging from 1 1/2 pounds to approx. 3 pounds if not overfed.  Their profiles are Perfect - Totally round Very Soft furred bodies, round heads, adorable ears, and their eyes will be BIG and round - the hallmarks of this adorable breed !  
Small, gentle, easy to care for, playful, they don't bite or nip, a really great family pet (for working families too).  They are well bred bunnies that are played with several times, Each day, to get used to human touch and companionship.  They live in our home with us.  That makes all the difference in purchasing a great pet - being well socialized from birth !!  They are smart & can be trained too!

As Seasoned Breeders and Lovers of Bunnies, We believe in Helping You with the TOTAL CARE of your new sweet bunny, so when you purchase a bunny from us, you are also purchasing our "Starter Kit", of Natural, Super Health & Delicious SAFE foods, listed in our website.  You pay for the balance of the bunny & for the Starter Kit at Bunny Pick-Up Time, and as a gift we give you some great training pamphlets from the American Rabbit Breeders Association. - One Stop Shopping.  

You need to be OK with this Bunny & Basic Starter Kit Bundle in order to purchase a bunny from us.  *** If you have a Question on this - please email us at [email protected] 

We want our bunnies to eat healthfully and have a long life with you.  DO NOT BUY FOODS at Pet Stores - the Quality & Ingredients are often NOT suitable for Bunnies Even though it is listed for Bunny consumption - they are filled with Fattening Flours, unhealthy seeds, sugars, chemicals - you are paying for unhealthy junk.  We sell you "SAFE", Super Healthy Foods for your Bunny in the Beginner Starter Kit.

We have even MORE items for sale on this website if you want to add to your starter kit.

We also provide a helpful list of suggested proper bunny equipment to purchase & Where to buy the items for this breed to make the buying process easier for you. 

We also SHIP Products Everywhere in the USA.  Proudly Made in the USA.
We do not ship bunnies - they are too small & it would be too stressful on them.

Cutie Pie Pictures of Baby Netherland Dwarfs.  
Netherlands Dwarfs can come in 37+ Different Colors !!!
All our Litters have a Beautiful Variety of Colors in them !!! 
Below are babies from PAST litters over the years.

We do not allow Visitors into our home.  We are what is called a "Closed hobby Rabbitry", meaning we practice very strict cleanliness, and germ prevention and bio-security for our bunnies perfect health.  Especially now during COVID.  We are Not a pet shop, but a dedicated, experienced hobby breeder.  We do provide adorable, accurate pictures for you to be able to choose from to get your perfect bunny.


We want all of our bunnies to go to a FOREVER, safe and loving home so for that reason we reserve the right to refuse a sale.  All Sales are final.  Holding Deposits are refundable ONLY up until the bunny is 5 weeks old.  Our bunnies are sold in excellent health.  We cannot take back a bunny due to the strict Bio-Security of our bunnies.  Your Bunny can live 9-12 years, so this is a long term love and care commitment.  They Live INDOORS not outdoors.

In the unusual event a bunny on the reserved list passes away, you will pick from the next available litter. 

​​*****  ALLERGIES are sadly a HUGE reason why people don't purchase rabbits,  I urge you to please get yourself allergy tested for rabbit dander from a Doctor, NOT by asking to have your child rub up against a bunny!  That is NOT safe! G-D forbid there is a Severe Allergic Reaction. Also, if you are allergic to dogs and cats you will more than likely be allergic to rabbits.  Hay allergies can also be masked as a pet allergy.  Bunnies eat Hay 24/7.


Information on How the Waiting List Works, Cost of 

Bunnies, How Bunny selection is made, & who Can 

and who Cannot purchase from us.

FIRST - after reading through our ENTIRE WEBSITE, Please EMAIL US ([email protected]) and we will tell you :

 A) IF and Which bunnies are available NOW for you to put a deposit on,  


B) We will Email you back to let you know to join our "Reserved WAITING List" with a $100 holding deposits for your Future bunny.  If so, This way you are "Guaranteed"  to reserve your spot on our list, and will get a bunny soon.  

~ FYI, 6 weeks after Birth, is the proper age that you will pick-up your bunny and Basic Starter Kit" of food.


Netherland Dwarfs have small litters, and we wanted to help bring a tiny fur ball of happiness into each of your homes easily!   So, we began our "Reserved Waiting List".  This has allowed many happy families to easily secure a bunny for their family.  This has streamlines our process for you.

We wanted to make this a stress free, easy process, and it is working out very well!


**   The cost of each bunny is:  

~ Pricing starts at $220 and Up to $300, depending on color.  

~The HOLDING deposit is $100, and goes TOWARDS the Purchase price of

 your bunny & Basic Starter Kit and IS Refundable BEFORE the bunnies turn 5 weeks old.  

After that, the $100 deposit is NOT REFUNDABLE.

Our pricing is VERY Reasonable, so all can enjoy this terrific breed!  

Our Rabbitry Policies





WHY?  We sell our bunnies on a FIRST DEPOSIT Given, 

First to CHOOSE A BUNNY BASIS from our waiting list.  

Meaning, if you leave a $100 deposit, and are the 3rd person leaving A

DEPOSIT on our list, you will be able to choose a bunny after The First, &

second person have chosen their bunnies.  

                                           Our Waiting List is SHORT!  

Each litter has different colored bunnies in it, so no one knows what color they will get. 

If you are the last person on the waiting list for that litter, you will get the last

adorable bunny.  You CANNOT refuse a bunny and wait to see what colors

a future litter will have.   

This first come, firsserved program is working out very well, is fair, and is

for people who are looking for a Healthy, sweet, friendly family pet, that is

beautiful too!! Color is secondary. The Males & Females in this breed are

equally sweet, & playful bunnies.  The Gender cannot be determined until

Bunny Pick-Up time..

 We Sell Only 1 bunny per Family.  If you already own a bunny, we cannot 

sell you another one.  It is our policy. 

As the Breeder, if we are NOT keeping any bunnies from a litter.  At

about  3 weeks of  age (when their soft fur comes in & I can accurately

begin telling what colors they are), I will EMAIL each buyer, in the

 Order of receiving your Deposit, the Pictures of the

“Actual Available bunnies You will be choosing from in this litter.” 

~ When we email YOU, Please take ONLY 1 - 2 DAYS to choose the

 bunny color you want. I will be happy to send you more pictures of the

 one(s) you like WITHIN that time  period.  

~ If we do Not hear back from you via email in 2 DAYS with your choice

of bunny,  I will assume you are no longer interested in getting a bunny 

and you will forfeit your deposit and be taken off the waiting list. We will 

move onto the next person in line.  

If you got back to me late by accident, I will still sell you a

bunny IF there is one still available on the list.

Timing is important here, we are working with many fine families who 

want bunnies.  We have ongoing, open email communication with you 

via several emails to help you with the process of getting everything

 ready for your sweet bun-bun.  Each time we send you an email, please 

respond back WITHIN 2 days with the question we have for you. If you do

 not communicate with us, again, we will assume you do not want a 

bunny, and you will be taken off the Waiting List, and forfeit your 

deposit. The next person on the list will then be contacted - I'm sure you 

understand if we have several bunnies and each person takes a week or 

more to decide on a bunny and answer emails, the process 

would take way too long!  Please respect the people after you and 

choose quickly & answer our emails to you - to keep everyone happy, 

informed and excited for their new bunny - thanks! 



IF WE ARE Keeping a Bunny from a litter, At 4 weeks of age we will know the genders, & will then choose our keeper(s)  I will then EMAIL each buyer when the bunnies are 4 weeks of age, in the Order of receiving your Deposit, pictures of the “Actual Available bunnies You will be choosing from this litter.”   


People purchasing this TINY breed IN THIS MANNER from US are looking for a Smart, High Quality, Healthy, Friendly, Social, Adorably Cute, Sweet-Natured Netherland Dwarf bunny.  Males & Females are Equally as sweet and playful.  The Colors are fun, but is secondary to the Health & Quality of our social bunnies.  They do come in a range of over 37 different beautiful colors you will adore, and each litter is different, so even though you do not know which color you will be getting in advance, since each litter is different and we go through our waiting list in an orderly fashion, you will be happy with beautiful color you choose & sweet personality of your bunny! 

So if you are like-minded to the procedure and protocols above, you CAN

 BUY FROM US and Place your Reserved Holding Deposit Today!



We have diligently put Very Helpful Information on this website to make owning & caring for your new bunny easier.  Once you put your Deposit down, it is time to start purchasing bunny equipment.

Our website includes great suggestions on a sensible list of required equipment you will need for your bunny, and lots of different bunny Care information!  

We are here to help make this a wonderful experience for you!!  Please Email Us with any questions!!  [email protected]


PAY PAL INFORMATION: How do I Send the Deposit Money?

With PayPal, you can send money or make a payment to anyone with an email address or mobile number.

***How to Leave a Reserved Waiting List Deposit on Pay Pal*** - The Screen on your computer maybe a little different than this description - but go SLOWLY so you do not make an error that cannot be correct.

1.  Enter PayPal.com on your computer, if you don’t have an account it is easy to set up – chose a “PERSONAL ACCOUNT”, not Business Account.


2.  Click the "Pay & Get Paid" Tab at the Top of the Page.

3.  Under "Make Payments", click Send Money,

4.  Type in Our user name[email protected] click NEXT,

5.  Enter the amount of $100.00 Then in “ADD NOTES” Below it, Type in Your Name & 

     Phone Number, and STATE, Press Continue,

6.  Next Screen says “How Do You Want To Pay? Choose your selection, click Next,

7.  Next Screen says “Paying for Item or Service” Click on CHANGE” Next to it,  - (some Pay Pal screens do not have this)

8.  Next Screen says “What’s This Payment For”? CLICK ON "SEND MONEY TO A FRIEND 

or FAMILY",  please make sure you are on  "Friends & Family" before sending money

9.  Review & Complete Transaction then choose - Sending Money Now, 

10.  then please Email us right away at [email protected] to let us know you sent  in a deposit, so we can Immediately Add you to our RESERVED WAITING LIST.  

We will then send you a WELCOME Email & the Process Begins :) 

Your $100 holding deposit goes towards the purchase price of the bunny. The deposit is 

Not refundable after the bunnies are 5 weeks of age.


  • Once you send money, you are not able to cancel or reverse the transaction. Please check the details of this transaction carefully before sending the payment and make sure you select the Friends or Family Payment.



** A Health Education on our Foods by Seasoned Rabbit Breeders.**

As a child and teen, I never dreamed there were foods actually Unhealthy for bunnies - but there are.  As breeders who are passionate about health & proper care, We have Added the "Basic Starter Kit" of Foods with the purchase of your sweet bunny.  This is essential to continue the great nutrition your bunny is receiving now.  bunny's digestive system is the most sensitive part of a bunny and can get stressed easily by a change in environment, housing, people, etc. which can causing diarrhea, panic, etc. which is dangerous to the health of your bunny.  So continuing the foods/hay the bunny is Used to with keep the digestive system calm.  All the products listed are balanced nutrition, safe, and very Soothing, Calming & Gentle on the digestive system, and of course delicious to your pet!  Every item is Dehydrated or Freeze Dried and Shelf Stable in our Resealable, Beautiful zip-closure bags for about 1 year - so there is no waste, spoilage or running out of foods!

These are "Go Bunny Treats & Foods".  Made in Harmony with the Exact Needs a Bunny Needs Nutritionally.  They  are Healthy, Organic Blends  Full of Nutrients, Fiber and Flavor, that enhance the health of your bunny while giving them SAFE food diversity they crave.  Pet stores do sell many unsafe foods, buyer beware.  These ingredients cannot be purchased at your grocery store or pet store.  

All products are SHELF STABLE, Low-Heat Dehydrated or Freeze Dried

SUPER FOODS to lock in freshness & Total nutrition better than fresh foods!

Each product is Sealed in Airtight, Beautiful, Resealable Zip Pouches with a

silica pack in it and then are heat sealed closed. 

The shelf life is over a year, (nothat your bunny will let them last that long!)

There is no waste, No spoilage, and No Running Out of Bunny Foods, no

matter what the weather or what the grocery store is not carrying.  You are

always prepared having the Freshest, Fully Ripened foods in your home, no

matter what is going on in the world. 

We never have any chemicals, preservatives, sugars, oils, flour or junky filler in our foods. Our fruits are Unsulfured. We do NOT use the "green pellet food" in our Cookie Mixes or Any of our other products - (as pet stores foods do), that is a waste of Your money and will simply get your bunny fat and Oversized.  All the ingredients we use are called "Human Grade", that means the Quality is regulated and made for PEOPLE to eat.  We, of course, only choose the Human Grade Fruits, Vegetables, Herbs, Flowers and Plants that are super healthy & that are Safe for BUNNIES to eat.

All our Foods & Treats are formulated to keep your bunny healthy & trim.  Store bought treats have weight gaining fillers, and loads of other unhealthy ingredients & preservatives so they can sit in a warehouse and  stores for Years before you purchase them, and are often made in foreign companies with lower food regulations.  Go Bunny Treat products are made in small batches weekly for ultimate freshness and are of course MADE IN THE USA.  

Some of the Top Notch, State-of-the-Art Companies we work with for our raw ingredients do also process nuts & peanuts.


Great News - for All New Customers & Loyal Customers!  We are growing & are buying at wholesale prices.  As a Company rule, we always Pass Savings onto YOU, our wonderful customers.  Our Prices are now SIGNIFICANTLY LOWER so you can enjoy your favorites even more & explore the new products we have added to our site.  Enjoy - robin  2022


Your bunny will thrive on the excellent nutrition they provide, and you will love how much enjoyment the bunny gets from you feeding these super tasty foods!!

The 2nd page of this website "ORDER BUNNY FOODS" has

Pictures of each item, descriptions & MORE products to choose from.

Bunnies Love Diversity, and so will you!  I don't know what will be with the Pandemic this year - a lot of my high quality wholesalers were closed or had Major supply delays for several months.  I did stock up - so you are covered. 

BASIC STARTER KIT LIST You will be getting with

 your Bunny.  $260

Fruity Party "Goodie Bag" - everyday is a party with your bunny! 4 different fruits in 1 pack.  Organic Papaya, Pineapple, Unsulfured Apples, Natural Blueberries. $16 

NU-START - first greens, Essential to Purchase.  1 Large Economy Sized, Zip Pouch.  Made for ALL Bunnies (our babies & adults eat this Daily and thrive on it!) - your bunny will eat this daily for its entire life.  Use 1 teaspoon daily and add slowly up to 1 Tablespoon daily.  Contains Over TWO Tightly Packed Cups A great price for repeat purchasing at $ 17.50

Premium Green Rabbit Pellets - Essential to Purchase - 10 Pounds of our Highest grade Green Rabbit Food Pellets. Contains 18% Protein & is Alfalfa based.  The best around! and the bunnies love it!  Eaten Daily. 10 Pounds $38

YOU-BAKE COOKIE MIXES - for Training, Reward & Love.   Just Add Water !!  NEW Mouthwatering FLAVORS with Expensive freeze dried fruit powders & Dehydrated Flowers, Veggies & Herbs. We never use any flour!  Ready for some Great Novel Family Fun!  Love your bunny? Want to do something fun All Together for your sweet bunny?  Bake Bunny Cookies!!  Just Add Water, Mix, Form Balls & Bake the Freshest, Flavor packed, great smelling, vitamin, mineral and antioxidant rich cookies ever.  Our bunnies leap towards us when they see a cookie - OMG  they love  them.  I make ALL the flavors at once so each day we can Hand Feed them a new taste sensation!  They come in a resealable pouch that should be used to store the 12 + cookies once they are baked & cool.  Super health with loads of antioxidants, vitamins & mineral!  A great Value & Loads of Easy Fun to make together!    3 are in the "Basic Starter Kit"

Pumpkin Cranberry Feast; 

Strawberry Fields Bliss; 

Carrot - Pineapple Swirl; 

Blueberry - Blackberry Torte:

Your bunny will love you forever!  An amazing hand feeding training or love treat.

$9.49 per flavor, 

High Quality Orchard Grass Hay that our bunnies are used to eating.  Bunnies eat hay all day.  It's important to keep consistency in their diet. There are 35 varieties of hay - who knew right! This is essential to purchase to be consistent with your bunny's feedings.  This by far is the tastiest, has great mineral & vitamins & is FRESH!  6 pounds $ 55


Dried Pumpkin Powder.  A Must Have - To Keep on Hand  for loose poop.  Why buy a whole can of pumpkin & waste it, when you can add a small amount of water to a little powder and put in bunny's bowl, for the same great results! 1 oz. $5 

Kiln Dried Premium Pine Bedding Pellets, - this great product lasts a LONG time and does a great job in absorbing the urine & easy to clean up.  35 pounds for just $25 (other brands are Over $1.50 per pound).

FIVE STAR Veggie Crunch, Pet Size Delicious & Super crunchy Slices of Squash, Orange Sweet Potato, Purple Sweet Potato, Carrot, Green Beans, Yellow Sweet Potato.  Great Hand Feeding Training or Loving Treat  $4.25

Tri - Veggie Blend, Super healthy Mix Carrots/Celery/Parsley Bunnies need  2 Oz. $ 8.99         


Sweet Fuji Apple Dices,  Amazing Hand Feed Training Treat & packed with Nutrition & Fiber 

 1 oz. $ 3.99

Perfect Pumpkin Pieces, Super Healthy! Excellent for Teeth and Tummy,  A MUST HAVE! Hand Feeding

1 oz. $ 4.99

Red Rose and Calendula Flower Blend, Calming, Fiber Rich, and Fragrant, Pet Size 2/3 Cup  $ 4.52

Banana Slices - great crunch & chewing for their teeth & loaded with vitamins like the rest of the products on this list.  Hand Feed for training or love.  2 oz. $ 8.99

Zen Calming Chamomile & Lavender Blend - Destress New Bunny, Traveling or Shy bunnies.  

1 & 1/4  cups  $5.40

Olive Leaves - Great for Teeth, Antiseptic, Immune Booster Hand Feed, pk.  $2.99

Handy and Delicious "Freeze Dried" Fruit Mixes in a pouch: Has All the nutrients, flavor & fiber of fresh fruit, But it doesn't go Rotten!  If they were not Freeze Dried these products would weigh 7 to 11 times heavier!  Your Bunny will Love you for these Mixes! Freeze Dried Fruits are Super Expensive but our pricing is Lower with higher quantity & Fresher than any other items on the market.

Hand Feed - Freeze Dried - Whole Fruits - Blackberry, Cranberry, Raspberry, Blueberry, Current, Banana  Mix  $8.50

Hand Feed - Loads of Strawberry Slices - Delicious, Sliced Beautiful Strawberries .50 oz. $4.99

Hand Feed - ORGANIC Papaya Spears - amazing digestive and fur ball aide $3.99 .5 oz.

Netherland Dwarf Sized Sturdy Plastic Resting Mat for the cage or floor - $10

There are Many other healthy choices of delicious, nutritious products you can add to your order now or later.  There is a full description of each product on this website for you to read on the Next Page.

 At Bunny Pick Up Time, You will receive from us With the purchase of your bunny & Basic Starter Kit: 

hay; 4 Pamphlets on Bunny Care from the American Rabbit Breeders Association, Additional Emailed Netherland Dwarf Care Information from us, your Bunny's Birth Certificate, and a Free Food Gift to say Thank-You!   This website has a load of bunny information on it as well - click on "More" Pages" at the top of any page to get to the EQUIPMENT Page & More!


Each litter has different colors.  They are sweet & friendly and Small  MALES & FEMALES are EQUALLY Sweet and Gentle.  

Netherland Dwarfs need minimal FUR care, use a soft bristle brushing once a week.  They are Social animals and love attention, toys and treats!

*****We are NOT a "Bunny Mill", we do NOT own A Dozen, or Hundreds of Bunnies like other places.  Our bunnies are in our home, socialized with our family Several times a day.  We NEVER have enough bunnies for the requests we get, so please reserve your bunny ASAP with a Deposit as stated above, so you won't be disappointed and not get one.*****   

This is a Beloved Hobby of our family we take very seriously and with great  pride and love.  We work with our bunnies in Animal Therapy Programs.  The purpose of why we breed so carefully and  thoughtfully, is to breed sweet, gentle animals for therapy and home pet companionship.

Our Bunnies have a potty/litter pan in their cages, so they start Potty Training by us!!    Keep it up by purchasing a potty pan with a WIRE cover like the one listed on the next page.  Be persistent - they will train!

This question often comes up - Should I get 2 bunnies to keep each other company?  or I have 2 kids, SO I need 2 bunnies RIGHT?  

Here is OUR professional opinion.

1. We ONLY Sell ONE Bunny Per family.  I sell by color, not gender.  Males & females CANNOT be in the same cage - the female will get injured.  2 Males will fight all the time and become territorial.  If you purchase 1 bunny - it will  be happy, calm, friendly and focus on YOU. YOUR FAMILY and BOND with YOU.  That is what you are looking for in a bunny. 

2. Each rabbit cage or hutch is designed to house just ONE bunny. 

3.  I sell bunnies not based on Gender, but based on what COLOR you want.  I will let you know the gender  of the bunny you chose After 5 weeks of age.   It's near impossible to be accurate before then.

 4.  Bunnies need to hop around OUTSIDE their cage  for exercise Supervised at all times.  Never leave a bunny alone in a room - wires, scooting under furniture , other pets, or small unsupervised children can really frighten and hurt your bunny.  

  5.  There are MAJOR problems in getting a male and female bunny - even if you put them in separate cages.  The female will growl, bite and lung at the male AND AT YOU, because the male  is agitating her and will be trying to mount her and breed with her constantly!!!!  It takes literally a minute for them to breed.  The male will try doing this 24/7 which will exhaust himself to the point of not wanting to eat.  The female can get Severely Hurt by a male bunny.  And yes, baby bunnies die Very easily if you are not a professional breeder.   You don't want to see that or need that heartbreak in your family's life. 

6. *****If you already own a bunny, get your present bunny Spayed or Neutered BEFORE bringing home a new bunny & keep them in different cages.  Slowly let them bond, STARTING WITH nose to nose in separate cages, so there is no fighting.

 7.  I cannot state this enough.  You DO NOT WANT BABY BUNNIES BORN.  It is a 24/7 job and is NOT at all like taking care of "ONE sweet pet bunny you will buy from us".  Our female rabbits are very docile, but when they are bred, pregnant, and then nursing mothers of their kits (baby bunnies), their hormones and natural protective nature kicks in & they go into "Normal Fierce Protection Mode".   They become super aggressive and can be dangerous to a non professional breeder.  Newborns & the Mom needs a Specialized diet, special heating, & very specific human care throughout the day  & and night.   It is a fact of life that not all newborns survive, so this is not for the faint of heart. NO BABIES will survive with an inexperienced breeder, and you will have a lot of heart break on your hands.

8.  You will NOT be able to purchase a male and female bunny from me.  We ONLY SELL our BUNNIES FOR BELOVED PETS, not as Breeders.  So if you are breeder, please look elsewhere.

9. Netherland Dwarfs are funny, curious, sweet bunnies.  Love your new favorite fur ball, give it tons of attention, teach it tricks and enjoy!  They are smarter than most bunny breeds!

10. If you are local to Jackson, New Jersey, we provide a NAIL TRIMMING SERVICE for 425 while you wait in your car.

(for Gentle Bunnies of all breeds)

Join the American Netherland Dwarf Rabbit Club!