BUNNY CARE & Equipment

Your Bunny can live in an Indoor cage or  in an Outdoor AMISH built hutch.



 * I always recommend getting a quality rabbit care book "before" picking up your bunny to make sure you have everything you need and you know how to properly care for your new fuzzy family member.  Our bunnies are also handled and enjoyed by our animal assisted therapy programs.

Consider joining the "American Fuzzy Lop Rabbit Club". They have an Excellent CARE book!!

Membership is inexpensive and it's worth joining to purchase the book!  www.aflrc.weebly.com 

* We will give you some basic literature on bunnies from us at bunny pick up time and the bunny book YOU purchase will make care for your new little friend fun and easy!

Cute Bunny Behavior: Go to You Tube video:  youtu.be/ruK6AXVLhim

On You Tube, I have "Go Bunny Treat" videos, there are many "potty training your bunny" videos and bunny training videos by other bunny lovers.

***Below is a Pictoral, Descriptive List of Items Needed for Your Bunny***
as a Bunny Breeder, these are my personal suggestions


The Go Bunny "Baby's First Greens" can be fed Right Away when you purchase your new bunny.  It's the perfect introduction to Greens for your new baby bunny. You can purchase it from this site or www.GoBunnyTreats.com     

When your bunny is 12 weeks old and its intestines are more developed, fresh foods that are good are: A Tiny slice of carrot, apple, parsley, they have small tummies!  Don't let it sit around in the cage though,- if the bunny doesn't want it, don't leave it in the cage.  Bacteria grow extremely rapidly on it (in minutes!) and can actually hurt the delicate intestinal flora of your bunny, getting it sick.  That's why we recommend all the Go Bunny Treat Products - they are dehydrated, packed with nutrition and won't spoil. 

2.  Other Important Healthy products to purchase are those that contain Papaya and Roughage for your longer haired bunny. These Healthy additions listed below are perfect for diversity in your bunny's diet and are good to keep on hand!
Your bunny will be able to begin to eat these products when they are 12 weeks old, after it finishes the Baby's First Greens product.  Remember, they have little tummies and we recommend small amounts of this concentrated food so these bags will last!  These are SPECIFICALLY Formulated JUST for Bunnies and are Organic, Super Healthy and you CANNOT get them in stores.  
*** We are Having SPECIAL PRICING on the Go Bunny Treats****.   The resealable pouches contain A LOT MORE Product than any other I have seen!

3. Fresh Smelling Hay, in Unlimited Quantities is essential for a bunny's health.
We sell 2nd cut, sweet Orchard Grass Hay which the bunnies prefer over Timothy.
Our baby bunnies eat it and their digestive systems are used to it.  
It costs just $10 a bag and we highly recommend it!
Pre-order it before you pick up your bunny so we can have a bag or 2 ready for you.
4.  Your Bunny Needs Clean Water, Buy a bunny water bottle, attached to the side of the cage; 
Change water every few days even if it's not empty.  
Do not use a Water BOWL for this breed - they have longer fur and their chin and neck fur will get matted by the water.
5.  Place Salt & Mineral Licks in the cage or attached to the inside with a wire.

6.  Green Rabbit Food Pellets daily, bought at any pet supply store. Our green pelleted bunny food is 18% PROTEIN.  Buy the Best quality you can get, at least 16%.  Baby Bunnies "Free Feed" for 12 weeks then feed them 1/4 cup a day of the Green Pellets.  Over feeding the green pellets will cause your bunny to grow Larger than it is intended to!!!!!  The GO Bunny Products can be fed daily with no worry of getting your bunny fat from them - they are made from organic dehydrated greesn, herbs, flowers & fruits that are healthy for your bunny.  Sprinkled the Go Bunny Products on top on the green pellets OR in a seperate bowl.  Make sure you purchase Green pellet Rabbit Food that DOES NOT have colors or other additives - it's unhealthy JUNK food and is NOT good for them.  Remember - If you over-feed your bunny on the green pellet food, it will grow LARGER than it should and Fat, which is not good for the bunny.        

7.  A lot of Positive human interaction. Talk and pet your bunny. Hand feed treats to it.  Buy a harness and walk it around the house or on an yard that has not been treated with chemicals.
8.  A Non tip stainless steel bowl (8 oz.) or a round crock ceramic FOOD bowl for bunnies. 
Or the 2 in 1 feeder pictured here. It holds the food in the front and the hay in the back.  I like using this!
If you use this product  or any bowl- clean it daily!  Baby bunnies like to eat out the food then snuggle in it and go to sleep!
So check for poop or urine  - and disinfect, wash & dry any feeder  you use.
9.   Small Animal Corner Potty WITH A WIRE COVER ON IT.  The wire on top of the potty is ESSENTAIL - it keeps the poop and urine away from your bunnys fur .  You can put a very SMALL amount of bedding in the potty to absorb the urine - THIS NEEDS TO BE CLEANED DAILY AND IS EASY TO DO.  GIVE IT A RINSE WITH WATER AFTER CLEANING IT, DRY IT WITH PAPER TOWELS, ADD A PINCH OF BEDDING & RETURN IT TO THE CAGE.   Urine smells, so clean this frequently.
A trick I have is - put the potty near the food bowl.  The bunny will sit on the potty while eating and poop in the potty at the same time!!  


This is a "DOG SHEDDING COMB".   Amazon carries them for about $7, so do most Chain pet stores in the dog section.  You will need this to GENTLY comb through the bunny's coat to keep it knot free DAILY. Especially when it is 8 - 18 weeks old and the baby fur is coming out and the adult fur is coming in.  When the adult fur is in, comb your bunny 2 times a week at least, especially the back end.

If you are getting a lot of knots in the fur, you can cut them out with a small blunt tipped -rounded tip sissor.  Bunny skin is thin so be careful.  You can also bring your bunny to a groomer or your vet to shave the baby bunny fur down and let the adult fur grow in.

11.     YOU MUST PURCHASE A CAGE WITH A WIRE MESH FLOOR FOR THIS BREED.  This is an example of one.  This is an Indoor Wire Bottom cage.  Cages that do not have roofs on them are meant to be used Indoors only.

This one is from Petco.com their online company.  They have another one with taller legs that some customers liked!

Also check out Amazon, and PETSFIT BUNNY CAGES also on Amazon,com.  

Get the Largest cage you can afford, bunnies need room.

11A.    This is one style of a true Outdoor AMISH built hutch.  

I do not recommend the ones sold online, even the wire floored ones with a pull out tray.  Those hutches are good for a garage but not outdoors.  They are made from Very Light weight wood and the bunnies will eventually chew right through them.  Urine drips out of them too. They also do Not last long outside.  

The Amish made wooden hutches are about the same price and are built Very Well and will last for many years!  They are meant for OUTDOOR use only, there is NO poop tray under the floor mesh, so the poop and urine falls directly on the ground to be cleaned up.  (You can put a rubber horse mat on the ground under the hutch for easy clean up.)  

I also recommend purchasing "PINE WOOD PELLETS" to put on the bedroom wooden floor of this hutch.  It absorbs moisture, and is inexpensive.  These items can be purchased at country animal feed stores like: Animal & Garens Unlimited, located in New Egypt, NJ.  They do deliver to some locations, 

phone # 609 - 752 - 0000.  You can buy all you bunny items from this store.

12.   This 36" tall wire X-pen can be used Indoors to let your bunny safely hop around.  You can put it on a tile floor or with newspaper for the bunny to play in.  Petedge.com, Chewy.com seem to have the best prices that I found, and other supplies carry this cage.  Get the model with the "Walk In Door" for easy access.

It  can also be used outdoor with Supervision Only.  Place on a cool surface and in the SHADE.  Never keep bunny in the full sun, and never leave your bunny unattended outside - a hawk, racoon, cat, dog or other animal can easily attack it. Direct, baking sun will kill your bunny.

Please make sure that your  grass has not been fertilized or had weed chemicals put on it.  Your bunny will be nibbling on the grass.

13.  Home Made HAY TOY for RABBITS:  I take an Empty Paper towel roll, cut it in 3 pieces so I have 3 small tubes.  Then I take a big handfull of hays and push as much as I can into the tube with about 3-4 inches of hay sticking out each side.  Push in A LOT of hay so its REALLY packed tightly in there, and it will be hard for the bunnies to pull the hay out and make a mess of it.  I make 1 hay toy per rabbit.  When they finish it, I refill it.  This keeps the hay OFF their beautiful fur and they don't use it for Bedding.

Go through Google and look through the MANY excellent "how to care for your Rabbit" sites.  Find one that deals with long hair bunnies, since they need a little extra care.

Other toys you can get from your local pet store,  or Chewy.com

There is a Very Cute website I recently viewed.  It shows you how to make Home made toys for your Bunny!  It is very cute and clever.  But always remember to supervise your bunny with any toys.